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  • Managing Ventilation In Concentrated Poultry Feeding Operations

    Wednesday, September 30, 2015 Managing Ventilation In Concentrated Poultry Feeding Operations

    Ventilation's impact on flock performance is often under-realized in modern poultry feeding operations. Poultry farmers who neglect this aspect of their operation can cause untold harm to their businesses and the livestock that sustains them.

    Moreover, improvements in ventilation techniques, particularly with regards to more powerful, efficient fans, along with air velocity, static pressure, air quality and humidity monitors have allowed farmers to keep more poultry in tighter spaces, thus greatly reducing cost per unit when managed effectively. The air flow, however, needs to be carefully regulated and assessed through informed means to ensure the best health of the birds throughout each grow out cycle.

    Therefore, it's essential to check one's ventilation at the beginning of an operation, then to keep up a regular monitoring / maintenance schedule so as to be well positioned to quickly adapt to changing ventilation requirements as and when they arise. READ MORE

  • Life On The Farm: How Animals Are Really Treated

    Thursday, June 25, 2015 Life On The Farm: How Animals Are Really Treated

    Let's face it; there's been a lot of misinformation spread about how animals are treated as they're being reared for human consumption. What's classified as a "Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation" by the US EPA is often maligned by animal welfare groups as being inhumane and unethical, as animals are said to be badly mistreated during their short lives. Yet while some operations may not be up to par, the majority of people engaged in animal rearing do so with the best interests of the animal at heart - and for good reason. READ MORE

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