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The Evolution Of The Poultry Industry

The Evolution Of The Poultry Industry

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The poultry industry is changing, and these changes have been accelerating greatly over the last 3 years. This is particularly so since the USDA's partial deregulation of processing plants, which essentially allowed integrators to process 25% more birds (pounds) with virtually the same overhead by running faster.

This change has resulted in a need for 25% more growing capacity and now leads to signing bonuses of $1 per sq. foot or to look at this from another angle, a check for $44,220 for every new house built; the current average is six houses representing $265,320 per farm.

So How Is This Impacting The Farming Industry?

We're seeing a move from farm families to more and more 'corporate' farms containing computer controlled environments or 'micro-environments' where air (velocity, humidity, temperature, pathogen concentration and ammonia), water, feed, litter quality and lighting are being monitored by sensors continuously.

While this technology and systemization is very forward thinking, it nevertheless still requires an experienced farmer to take charge of the flock, and certainly doesn't replace the need to have well trained, experienced staff regulating every facet of the operation.

Furthermore, despite these modern methods of poultry farming, farmers and hired farm hands absolutely must have access to specialist knowledge, generally by way of a highly experienced individual and/or organization to ensure they have the proper resources to take care of their birds responsibly. In most scenarios, this specialist knowledge is what allows the farmer to address the precise pieces of the puzzle necessary to improve flock health and performance, thus significantly increasing farm profitability.

To meet this growing demand, Poultry Services LLC has created this website which is dedicated to bringing poultry farmers across America and beyond the advanced support they need from one central source. Being advocates for innovation in the industry and committed to finding environmentally safe ways to manage new demands for poultry services, such as freezer based poultry mortality disposal, Poultry Services aims to provide current advice and support via regular updates on this blog and breaking news via social media relating to topics that are paramount to the business and livelihood of poultry farmers everywhere.

In addition, Poultry Services has developed a range of products to improve farmers' flocks which to date, computers simply can't help with; these products enhance the farmer's ability to care for their birds and can even encourage entire flock feeding where no bird is left hungry.

There's also the poultry farmers directory where new businesses are added regularly, which helps to provide an invaluable resource for a wide variety of services dedicated to poultry farmers from the ground up, such as clean out services, mortality management and equipment through to the business operations such as farm insurance, attorneys and even auditing.

Remember to download our free eBook, "Hiring & Managing Great Farm Help" which is the perfect resource for any busy farmer, and don't hesitate to connect with us via Twitter and Facebook - we'd love to hear about your farm or farm services!

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