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Assist Natural Products and Services LLC

Assist NPS delivers breakthrough solutions in animal health which increases producer revenue through the science of “Competitive Exclusion.” Assist’s all-natural, field and university tested solutions maximize animal health, size and livability, and reduce feed consumption, by addressing water, environmental and nutritional factors in livestock operations. This results in improved animal performance, optimal production barn conditions and increased profits for the producer.

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Assist NPS is an animal health and nutrition company that increases livestock producer revenue through the science of competitive exclusion - which maximizes animal health, weight and livability, while reducing feed consumption. Unlike other providers whose products only address one or two productivity factors in animal husbandry, Assist NPS's all-natural, university-tested solutions address the environment, nutrition and water of a grower's operation. This enables an optimal bacterial balance in the facility and in the animal's gut. This provides growers and integrators with comprehensive, antibiotic-free solutions that lead to improved animal performance, ideal grow house conditions and result in an increased bottom line for the producer.

Assist Natural Products and Services use a Programmed Approach to address environmental and nutritional issues. Our Programmed Approach uses quality control initiatives to address four factors essential to animal well-being. The three factors are: Environment, Nutrition, and Water Quality. Assist field trials have demonstrated when our Programmed Approach is followed, the flock summaries have consistently shown increased livability, healthier birds, reduction in feed conversion, and increased pounds to market. Our systematic cost effective program along with our innovative products optimizes the flock performance and will enhance your bottom line.

Assist Water Solutions uses innovative and unique technology to effectively clean and treat drinking water systems, creating a better environment for all CAFO operations. Our all-natural, non-toxic treatment solutions remove inanimate scum and contaminates from your water system. Assist water solution products together with our plug-andplay system makes it easy to achieve and maintain clean, clear water. The 5000 Water Treatment solution is a mixture of chlorine-oxygen compounds predominantly made up of hypochlorous acid (HOCL) and hypochlorite ions. HOCL is the most active and effective form of sodium hypochlorite. The 1200 All Purpose Cleaner works together with the 5000 in effectively cleaning and treating ALL water systems. The unique synthesis of water solution products allows delivery of great tasting water without the need to adjust the pH.

When Andy from Assist Natural Products and Services met David Marten in March of 2012, David was having inconsistent results and his flocks were slightly above average at best. David was raising 50 day birds and like many of the growers in his area, David would de-cake between flocks, use an ammonia control product, and treat for beetles. Starts were consistently slow with high cull rates at the middle and end of flocks. These issues were having a significant impact on his profitability. Wanting to improve his performance, David agreed to start a trial with the Assist nutrition program. Once David received his settlement sheets he compared the performance of the control flock against the flock that was on the Assist program. The trial results using the Assist products showed significant increase in livability and payable pounds. Now David decided to use the Assist “Programmed Approach.” He cleaned his water system with AWS 1200 and started sanitizing his water with the AWS 5000. This eliminated his bio-film issues and improved the functioning of his cool cells. David used the Assist Quickstart Plus and Conversion nutritional products which improves the gut microbiota and nutrient absorption. He started windrowing his litter instead of removing it twice per year and began using Relentless Plus and Defender to reduce the bacteria load in his litter and barns. He found this to be very easy and effective from both a time and an ammonia reduction standpoint. Since implementing the full program, David has been the top grower in six out of the last nine flocks. His last 3 flocks were 80 points above the average! His profitability has increased 3X! Today, David is an ALL STAR GROWER!!