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The Freeman Company

Anything and everything from concrete footers to the light bulb for poultry houses , we are honored to do your large jobs from coast to coast!

At The Freeman Company , we offer a full line of confined livestock equipment With some of the top brands in the industry Val-Co Big Dutchman Cumberland Munters/Aerotech SpaceRay Reeves EAGAN Lubing LEWIS BROTHERS LVI RoosterThunder & Windrowers ie;fans,feeders, Grain bins,ventilation watering,Heating, cooling,flooring,Nest, Egg collection systems, Blackouts ,Winching, Curtains , Generators, Switchgear , Whole building Environmental Controllers, & Poultry House Keeper & parts (in stock)! Our Goal is to be the "Go to" people for poultry house & Confined Livestock needs , and to continue to build on integrity! I believe we should go thru the doors that God opens and if you get to a door that's closed & You feel its the right door .... either open it or knock it down , "if it were easy , everyone would be doing it" Difficult takes a day, Impossible takes a week. The Freeman Company Also offers turn-Key construction of poultry houses with everything in house. The Freeman Company is built on integrity founded in 1964. The Freeman Company until 2003 was Freeman Electric doing primarily electrical and repair work, Hence we have a bit of an edge over our competition since we come into the industry from the repair & Electrical side. The Freeman Company also has install crews & electrical crews that can install your equipment if you buy it elsewhere, Or we can sell you the equipment, do the wiring and you can Find an install Crew of your choice or We can mix-and-match, we can build the building, do the wiring and install the equipment that you buy elsewhere, we can also do only the wiring, if you so choose..our prices are lower than most of our competitors, we can build Pretty much anything ...not only confined livestock facilities Although that is our specialty , We also do Poultry house upgrades. If You have any building or Equipment needs, Please give us a shot!